Zoom Can Alert Rooms Creaters of Possible Zoombombing Attacks

Zoom pushed an update for its new feature which can alert users of possible Zoombombing attacks. Naming that feature as “At-Risk Meeting Notifier” It runs on Zoom’s backend servers by continuously scanning for social media and forum posts for meeting links.

When this feature finds a meeting URL it automatically alerts conference organizers with the possibility of their meeting being disrupted by intruders.

Zoombombing has been a major issue for zoom conference organizers. Where meeting being hijacked, trolled, pornographic content, insults, or threats by other participants.

People usually share a link of Zoom meeting with their friends or public communities like Social Media, Discord, or Reddit asking people to disrupt or troll conferences.

During pandemic everyone shifted towards online meetings and conferences due to its demand it became popular among schools, universities, and business meetings or government meetings.

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Zoom enforced meetings organizers to use passwords to allow specific users for their meetings and added the “Report Participant” button, still meeting participants anonymously shared links and passwords of private Zoom meetings on various platforms to urge trolls to disrupt and cause havoc.


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