“YouTube paid within the year, two subscription services”

ROME – They return to the rumors YouTube for a fee. According to technology blog The Verge the popular video platform that has over a billion users is preparing to launch two subscription services by the end of 2015. Thi

s would, in practice, the extension of the formula already applied in YouTube Music Key (service for streaming music subscription launched last November) and another service currently nameless will charge users for some content.

“In this way – notes The Verge – YouTube would be a mix of content for free, supported by ads and also pay a subscription.” The video sharing platform launched more than 10 years ago

wants to monetize its popularity also trying to counter a giant like The social network Mark Zuckerberg is actually become a competitor to YouTube in January exceeded the number of videos viewed, thanks all’escamotage autostart, ie videos that are activated by yourself.

The concept that should follow YouTube with paid services is not very different from the one fielded by Apple Music and Spotify as well as platforms such as Sky and Mediaset Premium offering “packages” of online content (sports, movies, entertainment). Not to mention that from October Netflix lands in Italy.

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