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Are you looking for software that can shorten the IP addresses associated with Xbox and PlayStation gamer tags and usernames from Microsoft and Sony? Well, you are in the proper location. Here, we will look into the xResolver platform/website, which lets you convert gamer tags and usernames into a clear IP format. Let’s explore “xResolver” now, shall we?

What is xResolver?

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xResolver is the database service that logs Gamertags and IP addresses of players on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. xResolver got specifically created to protect Username and gamer tags from hackers. The primary function of xResolver is to convert user names and gamer tags into IP addresses.

As a result, xResolver includes an Xbox resolver that uses bots to scrape data, such as an Xbox player’s username, IP address, and ISP address.

Moreover, For gamers who utilize Sony’s PlayStation, the PlayStation resolver, a component of xResolver, performs the same function. This website is a double-edged sword because it may both reveal your information to potential hackers and warn you of impending DDoS attacks while also assisting you in determining whether a fellow anonymous player is a hacker. However, the website states the following:

  • This is legal because the disclosed information is already in the public domain.
  • By giving the service a specified sum, you can have your Gamertag and other sensitive information blocked or removed. Not a strategy to use.

How to use xResolver?

The user-friendly design of Xresolver makes it straightforward to use. To utilise Xresolver without any problems, you must follow the instructions listed below if you are having any problems.

  1. launch the official website at
  2. Select PlayStation or Xbox Resolver (Choose an appropriate option)
  3. To turn the Xbox Gamer tag into an IP address, type it in.
  4. Alternatively, use “IP address” to create the Xbox gamer tag.
  5. Next, select “Resolve.”

Now that you’ve completed it, you may use the same technique to resolve IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags or PlayStation gamer tags to IP addresses.

Undoubtedly, the gamer tag gets converted to IP format when you submit it to resolve. The PlayStation is the same; enter your PSN username to find out how to convert it to IP format.

How to blacklist yourself on xResolver?

We have covered how to hide your gamer tag or IP addresses above. Your gamer tags, usernames, and IP addresses will be removed from databases when you blacklist yourself from the resolver, making it impossible for anyone to find your IP addresses.

The services of Microsoft and Sony can be shielded using this technique from hackers or outside threats. When you backlist your IPs, you must also take the following steps:

  1. To conceal your precise IP address, you must utilize a VPN.
  2. To change your IP address, you must speak with your ISP.
  3. To prevent your IP address from being included in their database, make sure not to participate in random gatherings and stay away from shady characters.

9 Perfect Alternatives for xResolver

The internet gives users access to several websites that collect IP addresses because there is always a backup plan. You will benefit from these options by getting safe and trouble-free gameplay, otherwise disrupted by hackers. Here are a few of these substitutes:

1. OctoSniff

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This website decrypts usernames and filters out packets. It allows you to collect packets from Xbox games and relates the IP address to the username in PlayStation games. This is compatible with Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, PS3, PS4, and PS5.

In addition to offering continuous assistance and useful training, it is a moderately priced service that is simple to set up and use. One of xResolver’s features is that it is malware-proof.

2. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS

This website/app is an open-source network with a database full of Gamertags that can be searched to assist you to resolve any specific Gamertag or username. Numerous bots scour the internet in search of Gamertags, usernames, and IP addresses, among other pieces of data.

This information is public as it is already online, making its discovery legitimate. For Xbox Gamertags and PSN usernames, Lanc PCPS employs a database and resolver platforms. It works with PC, Xbox, and PSN and is a free IP grabber and resolver.

3. Xboxonebooter


This website boots other players by grabbing their IP addresses from your Xbox console, allowing you to win. What can you do to win a game? Well, this is one way that a gamer can obtain another player’s IP address and launch an attack to take them offline.

The website even offers a thorough lesson on how to boot another gamer by looking up their IP address in the spirit of unhealthy competition. To take users offline, it plans strikes at layers four and seven.

4. PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter

This website uses the identical booting process as its counterpart, Xboxonebooter. For PS4 users, it captures, pulls, and boots IP addresses. With the help of your PS4 console, you may boot folks offline thanks to this PS4 booter.

Additionally, it teaches you how to use a VPN on your PS4 to access games from other regions, decrease lag, and protect yourself from DDoS or booter assaults.

5. Consolesniffer


They are up about their benefits and drawbacks, some of which include the fact that they are only compatible with Windows machines and cannot be used with single-player games. To make modifications using this IP puller, the game programme does not need to be jailbroken or unlawfully hacked.

They provide lifetime support for $20, paid for with Visa, bitcoins, or Paypal. They begin operating right away. It supports VPN and runs on all platforms.

6. IP Location Finder

IP Location Finder

This simple webpage displays your current IP address and provides search results for IP addresses, hosts, or websites in the top-left corner. It displays your geolocation, time zone, longitude, ISP, and region.

What is my IP address is another website where you can get IP addresses (IPv6 and IPv4), along with other details like your internet service provider, hostname, nation, state, city, and approximate location. They demonstrate how to conceal your IP address as well.

7. XboxReplay


By searching for Gamertags in their search bar, their algorithms enable you to rapidly share Xbox videos and screenshots with your gaming friends. Geolocation and IP addresses are just two examples of additional information that is readily accessible. There is many different games available on this open-source, totally free website.

8. Bootyou


Bootyou is another resolver that provides PSN and Skype resolvers, geolocation lookup, IP ping, domain name, and other services. The website is secure since it uses HTTPS and hashed data sources, and it supports cryptocurrency in addition to more conventional payment options. Moreover, scores indicate that it is highly dependable and one of the more affordable options available. Bootyou reportedly receives more than 2,000 visitors per day. It features a helpful customer service team, reached by a variety of channels, including Skype, email, live chat, and more.

9. WebResolver


This tool uses Skype to snag other people’s IP addresses and offers geolocation data. Despite the website’s domain registration years ago, it hasn’t received many evaluations. The website is SSL approved, indicating it is trustworthy and safe. Additionally, it looks like WebResolver has a money-back guarantee policy. The website can also resolve emails, databases, and a lot more things. They only accept payments made via PayPal and Bitcoin, and their minimum weekly fee is $8.


Since it is available whenever they are online, these sites frequently scrape other users’ IP addresses while they are playing computer games. Decrypting the data allows xResolver, OctoSniff, and similar websites to identify which Gamertag belongs to a certain IP. The information is then added to their data sources which makes it accessible to hackers as well.

In conclusion, your network becomes exposed to DDoS attacks since your IP address shows where you are. To avoid these attacks, gamers frequently have to pay to have their IPs banned from these websites. Avoid playing in public or private game sessions with players you don’t know and avoid clicking on links in those sessions, to protect yourself against attacks.

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