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A Missing Woman Found After Ten Years in Internet Cafe: China

A Chinese girl remained untraceable for a long time. He feared death, but it was in a local play for money.

DISAPPEARANCE. For ten years. No sign of life Xiaoyun (not her real name), a Chinese girl of 24 years that ten years ago he abandoned Dongyang, running away from home after an argument with his father. Without communicating anything to the family or other people. In 2005 the police opened the file of the girl disappeared without a trace.


And Xiaoyun really disappeared, even if close to Dongyang. The woman was found in Hangzou, where then confessed that she had been all this time. But not in a home or shelter: Xiaoyun spent ten years in the internet cafe. To play with the computer. All the time. The girl was found by the police because it showed the agents a false document.

A cross-searching in the archives of the disappeared quickly led to the identification. Xiaoyun admitted that she was the woman disappeared from Dongyang: “I’ve run away from home before. And as a matter of family and money, I decided to run forever,” he explained.

In this time he has earned a living money playing the shooter “Crossfire”, on behalf of clients of the premises. Xiaoyun was gone so long that his parents believed was dead. Some years ago, the woman tried to add his mother to contact the app wechat. His mother said:

“I have not changed my cell phone number in the last 10 years. I thought Xiaoyun could try to get to get in touch. My daughter said, but we never managed to find it. ” Now Xiayun returned by parents. Mom is not going to see it escape again: “She is an adult. Do not reproach the new.”

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