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Windows 10 – Review on Microsoft edge

Hello, I’m Noor Qureshi! Today we are going to talk about Microsoft newly product launched Window 10. And it is being Downloaded by Millions of Users from all over the World. And Microsoft did many changes it it’s new version, and there’s something missing and that is Internet Explorer, Microsoft Replace that Browser with Edge which is Quite Faster and Smoother then Internet Explorer. But The Search Engine Bing makes it worse. I really like Microsoft Edge with Search Engine Which Makes it look like Super Master and Easy to use. People want the simplicity which Microsoft tried their best to make it work.

The old version of the browser was slow and lots of bugs inside that, people still using old versions of windows and Internet Explorer as well. Geeks and Bloggers also hate Internet Explorer it never provided good fonts to their websites. The first thing was for bloggers or geeks after installing windows on their computers or laptops they always installed Good Browsers for downloading their required tools to use, i personally did that too, But here’s a blew photo which show’s Microsoft Edge Browser.


Review on Microsoft edge

Let’s talk about Microsoft Edge now!

Here’s a Look to the Developers tool for Microsoft Edge.

Here’s a look for Private Windows


Microsoft Announce the Edge Browser will support many extensions which it comes out of a box. and they even trying to make sure developers can port their extensions as easily as possible.

Few Things for Microsoft Edge.

  • Cortana is right into the Quick Answers: Google has done many great and neat features with supporting and giving assist to their millions of users but Microsoft Edge Beats Google with their Perfect Feature Cortana.
  • Annotations and Reading lists remove the need for some extensions: Microsoft Edge allows you to save screenshot of websites your visiting or your activity on Microsoft Edge, it is by Default inside Edge, But in Google Chrome or Mozilla you have to Download External Extensions to make it work to capture screenshots.
  • Reading mode strips the crap of articles: In Edge when you are trying to read articles from different websites, and giant banner ads push text down, videos fly over the page, or some rogue ads starts making noise opening different tags downloading malwares. No one needs or likes the craps Which is much improved in Edge.

At the movement, All of the Edge Features are great, Microsoft improve their Edge much better then Internet Explorer but still I say it can’t beat Google Chrome and Mozilla with some reasons it is cool with some they are cool. So Microsoft need to improve some of its features.

Thanks for Reading!


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