Windows 10 Recorded Growth Of 9% in November

After his spectacular start, Microsoft includes as Windows 10  suffers a small slowdown of its acceptance by users.

The star of Microsoft operating system continues its slowdown in growth, according to data provided by Net Applications that have been collected by VentureBeat . Thus, Windows 10 registered share growth of 9% during the month of November.

Although slightly improved featured in October, 7.94%, the figures confirm that PC users still hesitant to invest in the brand new product from Microsoft, which continues to offer more shadows than light.

Interestingly, Windows 8 has increased by 0.34% and Windows 8.1 0.47%. However, Windows 7 remains on the throne to lead the market by being present in 56% of the PCs on the planet. Next to these Windows XP back to 10.59%, while Windows Vista gets a testimonial 1.61%.

Far from Microsoft, Linux reaches 1.62% and Apple gets 3.45% with Captain Mac OS X and 2.18% with OS X 10.11.

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