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Windows 10 – Downloading On Windows 7 & Windows 8

Microsoft MSFT +0.71%’s stealthy download uses a secret folder – C:$windows.~BT – and it can be found by opening File Explorer and going to: Organize > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Windows 10 is almost 6GB Which is significant for Downloading, that means you can Right Click on the folder to see how it is being progressed so far.

Download Window 10

That said the size of the download has also prompted some users on capped broadband plans to complain that they have no control over when the new operating system downloads. Something which is also a complaint with its forced automatic updates once up and running. The other side of the debate quietly download the Windows 10 computers for several days or even a week means that Microsoft may distribute more smoothly. This is important when it announced a long-term goal to get Windows 10 to more than one billion computers. It also reduces the bandwidth had all day to choose the bloc manual downloads, especially with Microsoft in late admitted some users may have to wait weeks.

Of course whether it should be part of one day upgraders open for discussion.

Windows 10 finally strikes a strong balance between intimacy and Windows 7 and the progress of Windows 8, but planning a major upgrade to the already for the month of October (likely called ‘Windows 10.1’) and the initial version is far from being bug free.

You got downs to upgrade directly to Windows 10, and if so, have you noticed that it is loaded in secret folder for? May I know.


Download Windows 10: Click here to Download 

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