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Windows 10 Downgrade? Get your Old Version Back Windows 7/8.1

Windows 10 Downgrade: Hello, Everyone Today we are Going to Get our Old Version of Windows 7/8.1 from these you try to get update for Windows 10. So, most of the people are upset with the microsoft update for Windows 10, So here’s a solution for getting your Old Version of Windows 7/8.1 back safe and no data loss.

→ If you Don’t like Windows 10 You can Get your Old Version back!

Don’t get upset for Windows 10, Get your Old Version back. Microsoft has made easy for Downgrade your Operating system from Windows 10, But that’s on Limited time Period of Downgrading.

If you’re thinking of rolling back to Windows 7 or 8.1, please drop into the comments section afterwards to let us know why and which method you’ll be using.

⇔ The First Thing you have to Keep in your Mind is, Take a Complete Backup of your Important data in Windows 10, You have to take a Backup before Downgrading your Operating System from Windows 10 to your Old Versions of Windows OS. There’s a lot softwares in markets for taking your backup.

You can Try this to Backup: Click here Let’s Start!! ⇔ Downgrade Feature in Windows 10, will let you Downgrade your Windows 10 to old versions of Windows like 7/8.1 but that is for limited time on your Windows 10 Nearly a month. There’s an option in your Setting and Then Select Recovery and you will get : Go Back to Windows 7!

To get started, press Windows Key + I to bring up the Settings menu. Click Update & security and then select Recovery from the left-hand navigation. Here you will see a header called Go back to Windows X (dependent on what version you were on before). Click Get started.

A window will open to ask while you’re going back to an old version. Fill this in and continue to click Next, noting the prompts and information like not unplugging your system during the process. The rollback will then begin, during which you won’t be able to use your system.

Downgrade Windows 10 There’s an other method too! Installing Fresh copy of your Windows 7/8.1 that can be easy and time saving too! you can simple have a backup of your data and Boot Again with your Best Version of Windows! Thanks for Reading!


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