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Why France wanted to BAN Public WiFi And Tor Network?

France wanted to BAN Public Access to WiFi and Tor Network as well, It is because what happen last month #ParisAttack The Country Declared Emergency state that Day! The Government is pondering whether to impose using Free Anonymizing software Tor illegal or not?

Before, Snowden was blame to leak of End-to-End Encryption!

Correction: The initial headline and copy of this article suggested that the proposals to block Tor and control free wifi were already part of a proposed law. These are in fact points that the French police and gendarmes would like to see included in the bill, according to the document seen by Le Monde. The headline and copy have been updated to clarify this; we apologise for the error.

“Encryption and anonymity, separately or together, create a zone of privacy to protect opinion and belief,” a written report by David Kaye, a special rapporteur in the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in May.

Last week, the French government said it wanted to change its constitution to allow a state of emergency to last for six months. The country has been in a state of emergency since the multiple terror attacks in Paris which killed 130 people last month.


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The news came after Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the current state of emergency could extend beyond its conclusion paragraph Preview on February 26.

“Obviously, there can not discard the possibility, depending on the level of danger, and we must act with great responsibility,” Valls SAID Europe 1 radio.

Created during the Algerian war in 1955, the state of emergency law allows the government of France to keep out sin court records Order Putting a people under house arrest, sealed the country’s borders, and the prohibition of demonstrations.

The prohibition of protest has met with fierce opposition from those who say they have the right to demonstrate fundamental.

“This state of emergency gives one the security forces such as the police and army emergency powers that put Freedoms of People at Risk – and marine night raids on their homes, Residential arrests, prohibition of demonstrations or” attorney Patrick Baudouin, honorary president of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), told The Local.

This is not the first time that the French government has tried to introduce legislation Surveillance. Following the attacks of Charlie Hebdo January, parliament approved new rules that would allow the Government Snooping one spy on e-mails and phone calls from anyone connected to suspected terrorists, sin Authorization UN judge.

However, the movement led to protests, with hundreds gathering in Paris against government aircraft, while the co-founder of the UN Body Control Surveillance Internet Cerro El Paso.

“It’s not just about terrorism, allows intelligence agencies to resort to monitoring a wide range of law:, spying or monitoring Scientific Economic Social Movements,” said Felix Treguer, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net.

“So really not just about terrorism and some of the measures really are reduced to the legalization of mass surveillance. This is supposed by a very dangerous path,” he added.

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