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Why does my Hotspot keep turning off on my iPhone? 7 Easy fixes!

Does your work get interrupted by frequent hotspot disconnections? You would not want to lose your job because of continual interruptions, whether working from home or outside.

This problem affects a large number of iPhone users. When users connect their PCs and other gadgets to their iPhone hotspot and disable themselves after a period of inactivity, they must reactivate it. This problem can get resolved with a few simple workarounds and a review of various features and settings.


This article will guide you about seven easy fixes to solve the “Why does my hotspot keep turning off” issue on your iPhone. Let’s begin!

7 Easy fixes for “Why does my hotspot keep turning off iPhone?”

1. Disable and then Enable your Cellular Hotspot

Cellular Hotspot settings are something to look about before resetting Network Settings. Try deactivating the hotspot password or disabling and reenabling the Hotspot.


If that doesn’t work, try the following methods.

2. Confirm that your devices get connected to Hotspot.

Restarting your device is an excellent place to start. Also, check sure you’re running the most recent version of iOS for your device. As a result, if updates are available, consider installing them as soon as possible.

After that, double-check that Hotspot gets linked to the device. The hotspot will turn off if there are no active connections to save battery life.

Continue to the following step; if these measures were ineffective and Hotspot is shutting off for no apparent reason.

3. Disable Low Data Mode

First and foremost, make sure that your iPhone’s Low Data mode is turned off. This option conserves mobile data by restricting background data usage and shuttiHotspothotspot after a period of inactivity. As a result, if you’re utilizing a personal hotspot for business, you should switch it off:

  1. On your iPhone, go to “Settings“.
  2. Tap “Mobile Data” and then “Mobile Data Options“. Disable-Low-Data-Mode-hacktoday
  3. When you tap this, the “Low Data Mode” option will appear.
  4. To turn it off, tap the toggle next to it.


5. Reset your Network Settings

Resetting Network Settings usually have different Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues, including the Personal Hotspot as part of the Cellular settings. It should also reset APN settings, in addition to erasing all saved Wi-Fi networks and destroying any Bluetooth connections. This, hopefully, will solve the issue at hand.

On iOS, here’s how to Reset Network Settings:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Select General.
  3. From the bottom of the list, choose Reset. Reset-your-Network-Settings-hacktoday
  4. Reset the network settings by pressing the Reset Network Settings button. Reset-your-Network-Settings-hacktoday
  5. PIN or password confirmation gets required.

6. Keep your iPhone’s hotspot screen turned on.

Here’s one sure-fire way to ensure that Hotspot gets turned on. Keep the personal hotspot screen on, and the Hotspot option must be turned on, then this approach usually works.


However, because your phone screen is turned on all of the time, this method uses more battery. As a result, make sure your phone gets connected to the charging adaptor.

7. All Settings Must get Reset

If the problem persists and Hotspot continues turning off, try resetting all settings. This procedure will not only fix connectivity issues but will also reset all system settings to default. Of course, this gets done without removing any apps and while maintaining your data.

Here’s how to reset all of your iPhone’s settings:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. A reset can get found by scrolling down and tapping the Reset button.
  4. When prompted, tap Reset All Settings and enter your PIN/password. Reset-your-device-hacktoday
  5. Confirm so that your device’s system settings can get reset.


We hope this article helped solve your “Why does my Hotspot keep turning off ” problem. Let us know in the comment section below. Good Luck!

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