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Who’s is on my WiFi – MAC Tutorial

Hello, Everyone Today We are Going to Find out Who’s on our WiFi Connection so we can have More Information about our Clients connected to our WiFi Router. So First of all You need to Open up your App Store.

Let’s Do it.

1. First Open up your App store and Search for the Application called ( Who’s on my WiFi ).

2. Download And Install that Application.

( If you wanted to Download From Google, Then you have to Google for it. Sometimes it shows unknown Developer Application then you need to Right click on it and Click on ” Find in Finder ” Then you have to open it and installed it.)

After Installing Open it.

Who's on my WiFi


And After that You will get a lot of information about your connected clients. This Application can be Helpful if you have given a Connections to your Friends or in your Range you can SPY on Them Which Computers are Connected.

Next Tutorial will be about How to DDos WiFi Connections in Mac.


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