Which Mobile OS is more secure, iOS or Android?

Recently, we are doing comparison between Android and iOS Device. Which is more secure and un crackable? From last week there has been news trending on Apple vs FBI war where FBI was unable to crack into Shooters iPhone.

If your looking for brief description on Android vs iOS you must locate and reach community broads where people can have live debate with you, so you can have quick response .


iOS Security: Apple customers who has been using iPhone and other iOS Devices thinks that iOS encryption is uncrackable and yet FBI has to contact Directly to Apple without cracking it there self.

It’s very easy for a normal person to google around and get free stuff to break things around, But Why FBI was unable to crack that iPhone security.

There is a way to crack Passcode to brute force millions of combinations of password to crack it but whom that iPhone belongs to have setup a Feature to erase data after pressing 10 wrong passcode that’s why FBI require Apple help to hack into its firmware to export it’s data.

Apple seems not to be agree with them to crack users digital privacy and Recently, McAfee Offers FBI to crack that iPhone for free.

People also thinking why FBI is promoting Apple? To plant more and more backdoors all over the world to spy on Apple users easily without letting them knowing.



Android Security: Millions of Devices are running on Android Operating system, Android Operating system is Open Source as well that’s why HTC and other devices are using it as well on their devices. Android can be easily targetable by hackers and yet it will easy for FBI or any Surveillance company to target anyone without letting them know who’s inside their cell phone?

Security freaks and engineers also prefer using Android rather than using iOS because Android can be rooted and you can do lot of stuff with rooted Android you have complete access on your mobile and iOS don’t provide any root stuff or any privileged or Jailbreak iOS, it’s just keep you updated when your connected to WiFi or Mobile Data.

There are tons of Android Hacks Applications and Hacking Tutorials using them you can easily hack into anyone’s Android phone to install persistence backdoor so you can have anytime access to his/her phone.

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