Whatsapp Web, is now also for iPhone

So far for owners of smartphones Cupertino version of PC (launched in January), the IM app was inaccessible. Now the update. Which will be gradual: someone will have to wait a bit ‘of time.

FANS apple had to wait eight months. But the day has come: even iPhone owners can use WhatsApp from the computer. In January, the instant messaging application had launched the desktop version only for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Nokia S60, leaving the people of the iPhone in the cold, due to “limitations of the Apple platform,” it was said. But without ads or advertising, has just appeared a new version of WhatsApp finally pleases everyone. So here’s how to use the app on the iPhone is either on a desktop.

First, a warning: the application is gradually updating, so not everyone may have the opportunity to immediately transfer it to the computer. To check if you are among the lucky open WhatsApp on your iPhone, click on “settings” and if you see WhatsApp web then you are able to activate the new feature.

If you do not find the option WhatsApp web, try to update the application. You must have the latest version.

Once you click on web WhatsApp on your phone, you have to connect with the computer, to the official website .

On the home screen, you will see a large QR codes.Inquadratelo with the iPhone camera and fotografatelo. At this point, the app recognizes the QR code and you sync with your computer. The operation is called “mirroring” and the desktop becomes the mirror of your phone. Everything you write on the app appears on your computer and vice versa. The difference is that the keyboard type is much easier and faster.

Even desktop you can send photos and voice files. You can also activate notifications sound on your computer so you always know when a message arrives. Finally, if you do not want to leave your chat in plain view on your computer (maybe an office), remember to disconnect from the web page of WhatsApp. In this way, the message will disappear forever.

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