WhatsApp To Share User Information with Facebook, Including Encryption Indicator

Facebook Owned Messaging Application Dropped its $1 Annual Subscription fee to make WhatsApp Free for Lifetime. Now, Facebook going to Synchronize WhatsApp together and integrate their Facebook Accounts.

WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption

The new security Feature in WhatsApp impending update. This feature is similar to one Apple use in its iMessege. This feature will encrypt all the messages data and calls information with End-to-End Encryption. We Could see Facebook and WhatsApp integration in Future that will synchronize Facebook Messenger with WhatsApp to communicate together or something like that.

You Might Remember that when Facebook Owner Announced and Purchased WhatsApp he announce to continue to co-exist as a Separate Platforms.

Facebook and WhatsApp to share Data Together!

An Update introduce a new data-sharing tool that will see two companies share user information with one another. It is not yet clear what information will be shared with Facebook. And the site dose appear to be asking people through.

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