Whatsapp, now you can save important messages

Not only to archive entire chat, then, but also individual conversations that we do not want to miss.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to be able to read messages that are considered important. In the new update of the popular app, currently only available for iOS, you can mark individual messages with a small star, similar to bookmarks in browsers.

Sull ‘ application will be able to save your conversations you prefer, so that you can easily retrieve it when He decides to consult them again. One option for those who chat a lot, and he needs, personal or professional, they encourage people to try new messages passed.

The latest update to 2.12.7 WhatsApp has introduced a similar function to the key “favorite” or “bookmark” the browser to keep the links that you want to keep.

To save the chat we want to re-read must long press on the message, so make the display a black menu with items “Info-Copy-Forward-Delete”. Next door is a small star, which when selected retains the chat chosen from important messages.

To find it and be able to read it must go on “contact info”, a number or a group, where there is the new “Important Message”. If you use the normal internal research of WhatsApp, chats marked as “Messages important “appear in the top search results. This feature iscurrently only available for iOS.

Usually the news are first introduced on Android. Who has the Google operating system, however, you will have another exclusive option on WhatsApp, or save your chat, as well as photos, on Drive.

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