WhatsApp: 200 million users at risk virus

It happened at the end of August and the bug, discovered by security company Check Point in the web version of the app chat owned by Facebook, it has been repaired.

Whatsapp at risk, if the view is bad for a few hours. Near the threshold of one billion users (the milestone of 900 million has been announced a few days ago), the instant messaging service WhatsApp makes increasingly throat hackers.

The security company Check Point has detected a dangerous flaw in the web version of the application that put at risk 200 million people registered. The “bugs”, which has been repaired, allowed to distribute viruses, including the dreaded “ransomware” ones taking in “hostage” devices and files. The vulnerability, experts said on the company blog, concerned only the Web version of WhatsApp, the popular chat owned by Facebook.


From January – and a few weeks for iPhone users – the service is available not only through application of smart phones but also from the PC, downloading code and using access credentials as your telephone number.

The flaw allowed attackers to detected fool users by sending their contacts to the phone book – in the format ‘vCard’, very similar to the genuine ones – but which were carriers of different types of viruses. All that the hacker needed was the cell phone number associated with the account to “infect”.

Check Point said it had reported the flaw to WhatsApp on August 21 and on August 27 the application sorted this out, but the news was not known today.Whatsapp had already been ” rejected “in June by the research of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which gives the report cards to the giants of the web in terms of privacy and protection of personal data: promoted Facebook and Twitter, Whatsapp instead was considered “a real sieve” of data.

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