20 Features: What’s New in iOS 10 Beta 5? Installation and Tweaks!

There’s a new update available for public beta, iOS 10 Beta 5, let’s talk about new tweaks and features included in iOS 10 Beta 5.  As far as all the Beta’s go this is probably the smallest beta update by Apple. But we were still able to find some new tweaks and features included in iOS 10 Beta 5.

As far is a notice apple changes it’s schedule for iOS 10 beta release, they started with three weeks between iOS Beta 1 and iOS Beta 2 then it was two weeks and now it’s a one-week difference from beta for iOS 10 Beta 5.

Let’s see how many beta we’re going to see before final release of iOS 10 probably next month. What really they are trying to get all bugs and ironed out before final release of iOS 10.

The Actual iOS 10 Beta 5 update comes in at about 350 megabytes for people that are on beta 4 and you guys can go ahead and update over-the-air let’s go ahead and get into the features and changes and I’m gonna show you over 20 new features included in iOS 10 Beta 5.

Let’s get started!

If you don’t know how to install iOS 10 Beta 5 on your iPhone and check if your device is compatible with your iPhone right here.

I have posted a video as well.

20 iOS 10 Beta 5 Features:

  1. At a very first thing you’ll notice using iOS 10 Beta 5 is the ones again changed lock screen sound. It sounds like a door closing and sound’s very decent.
  2. Sliding to camera on lock screens is much faster and stable. you will surly notice some changes while sliding to left to open camera. It is much faster from pervious iOS 10 Beta 4 update. With one little swipe you can trigger the camera on a lock screen where as on iOS 10 Beta 4 for some reason it snags and lag. It certainly easier to access the camera from the lock screen on newer update.
  3. When unlocking your device next thing you’ll notice the new animation included to unlock you’re device after typing lock screen password. It is little bit quicker on new iOS 10 Beta 5 update. It is faster then it is on iOS 10 Beta 4 same thing with touch ID scanner, however it’s easier to see with the passcode.
  4. Louder Keyboard Sounds updated on iOS 10 Beta 5, now you can hear keyboard tapping louder then previous update. It almost sounds the same but sounds are little bit louder when clicking.
  5. The moisture indicators screen in iOS 10 Beta 5 is updated as well and little bit different. If you’re connector get little bit wet and you’ll notice that it is little bit different now previously it didn’t show slider to ignore feature now there is a slider for you to go ahead and dismiss the notice with a new iconography right there.
  6. With a new iconography right there in control center there is a new output icon so if you guys go ahead and have it on the current output device you’ll notice it is now changed and looks like a radio transmission icon.
  7. And going deeper the actual icons for the iPhone have once again changed and now it’s look darker before it was white.
  8. In settings the home settings is been completely removed, so this category no longer exists underneath news previously it was a little bit useless i guess so that’s why the removed it.
  9. Now in general if we go ahead and reset the actual Home screen layout you’ll notice Apple did change it on iOS 10 Beta 5, Now the messages App has been replaced with the mail App so it’s easier to access with one hand.
  10. And the weather app has been repositioned with Maps App so it’s little bit easier to use on one hand and on larger screen, interesting little change.
  11. So in beta 4 Apple added in our notification center of the current date now they tweaked it a little bit and it’s a little bit smaller so little bit easier fits a little bit better with all the widgets over here and from the home screen.
  12. And now from the home screen if you go into the widgets view it now displays the current date right here so you no longer have to wait and go to all the way up to notifications center in order to see that you can do that straight from the home screen right now.
  13. Also in the widgets view if a widget has not been updated to support iOS 10 it’s gonna look darker background it’s not because of the third-party widget just because it hasn’t been updated.
  14. And another interesting thing iOS 10 Beta 5 welcomes back a little bit on extra storage of 80 megabyte.
  15. And a card view invoking look up has slightly been tweaked, it’s a little more boxy now.
  16. There’s some tweak on emoji. more boxy now in emoji keyboard some of the emojis the new ones has been tweaked in particular the turban emoji is now standard white before it a red.
  17. Setting alarm in the clock app you now have an option to have no sound at all bit redundant don’t understand why that would be an option but you can go ahead and wake up with no sound whatsoever in your alarm.
  18. In the home application if you go ahead and try and customize it and choose a new wallpaper there is a new wallpaper that replaces the old one so it’s just some clay pots or something like that very interesting.
  19. And iOS 10 Beta 5 on the iPads choosing the wallpaper little bit strange now, i hope it’s a glitch. it has a new interface and I’m not sure this is a bug. Wallpapers on the left and right has been hidden behind the sidebar.
  20. iOS 10 Beta 5 fixes issue where if you were to disable the keyboard clicks and you wanna go ahead and use your keyboard it still has clicks for the space the backspace and shift keys now that’s no longer the case so it’s been fixed since iOS 10 Beta 5 will completely reprocess all of your facial recognition date must be an algorithm change or something like that because apple getting everybody from beta 4 and going to reprocess it entirely.

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