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What is SQLmap? Automated SQL Injection Database Tool!

SQLmap is a SQL Injection Tool used to performing Automated Injection in Database and try to fetch tables out of it! SQLmap used by WhiteHat and BlackHat hackers. BlackHat try to Exploit random or targeted sites using this tool as a challenge or harming sites. But White-hat Hackers (Security Researchers) use that tool for scanning their clients website for any injectable query if they found they report to Administrator and get bug bounty or Earn Reward from it!

Mostly now a days People are after online stores and their database So that way they can target credit cards out of it. They use google dorks to target different sites and Export sensitive data out of it! such as credit cards and bank details.


Read about SQLmap Features here!

Git clone :- https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap/blob/master/sqlmap.py


Installing SQLmap on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X?

Installing SQLmap on Windows is easy as hell. First of all you need to install Python in Windows Machine! After that you need to download SQLmap python code.

Python is pre-installed on Linux and Mac OS X So you don’t need to install it there, But SQLmap is not pre-installed 🙂

Download SQLmap here!


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