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What is Facebook Security and Why it is important?

As Everyone Knows Facebook is the Largest social community around the world, and it’s spreading days and days millions of people are making their accounts on Facebook sharing photos, Videos and Communication.

What is Facebook Security and Why it is important?

Facebook now a days is much important in our life because it’s a free and easy way to communicate with friends and family around the world, and when we communicate it’s security is also important that keeps your communication secure and free from illegal stuff, who ever use Facebook he want to protect himself using Facebook Security Features which sometimes didn’t work for many reasons people still get hacked or lost their accounts, but many still using Security Features and have never lost there accounts. It is because many get hacked by hackers they use social engineering method to hack their accounts and Computers, which is easy for them to attack you 🙂 .

Security Features you can use from Facebook.

Facebook Login Alert

When someone try to login to your account you will get a notification from Facebook via Email or Phone Number you can select to these options that are easy for you to use.

I’ll suggest you to use Phone Alert because we always have an SMS service and Mobile phone with us. 😀 So connect your number and use the awesome feature from Facebook that keep your Account Much Protected and feels safe.

Facebook Login Approvals

Facebook Login Approval Generate a Code that Require to Login to Facebook it can be sended Mobile Phone After getting a code on Mobile Enter that on Facebook to login to Account.

I Don’t like this Feature Personally it can be sometimes really annoying, sometime we don’t have cell phone with us and we have to do important conservation on Facebook and we need a Phone to Generate Code, So this Feature is sometime really helpful sometimes it suck.
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Facebook Code Generator 

You can get Code Generator Application it is already inside your Mobile Facebook App so you can use that to scan and then login to Facebook it also have both negative and positive ways, Hacker didn’t have to do a lot effort to take down your Facebook he just need an Physical Access and Hack Access to your Mobile phone.

You can use these simple security features to protect your account, if your facebook is already infected or hacked report to Facebook Staff which will Reply you in a month 😀 or a Week,


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