What is Anonymous #OpSafeWinter 2015?

It’s that time again. #OpSafeWinter – 2015. In the last few years, Anonymous has organized #OpSafeWinter to focus on caring and compassion for those less fortunate. The homeless need help from their community; the ordinary citizen.

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This year there is another context to #OpSafeWinter: the refugee crisis and anyone suffering because of war or injustice. The second level of operation,  #SafeWinterActivity is “ is the act of calling out the greed and injustices that put all people at risk of homelessness. This is not limited to awareness efforts, but also vindicating anyone that is demonized, criminalized, or otherwise harassed for attempting to help those in need.”  to the activities Tolerance is vital to humanity, as is compassion.

Anyone can join either operation. All you need is your compassion and initiative. You can establish a workgroup or join an existing one, collect donations, and ensure they’re distributed to those in need, equally.

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Things most in need are warm clothes such as shoes, gloves, socks, coats; blankets, food, and clean water. These items are critical items for those who need our support and respect.

We are the 99 percent.

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