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What Happens When you Dare Hackers to Hack you?

What Happens When professional hackers or black-hat hackers hack your digital life? It’s kinda bit scary when someone hacks into your digital life and becomes you he could make you homeless or can do anything he wanted to do. So, do you wanna protect yourself from getting hacked by ghost or anonymous hacker without knowing what happened to you?

Here’s a 11 minute video!

Explaining how an expert hacker can hack your digital life in no time,

Hacking Begins:

First step to Background check on your victim or target, that’s the most important part. A hacker need to collect information of his victim that would help him to hack easily after collecting his personal information. Hacker can start from your name and email, DOB and Phone Number etc, using social media accounts to collect information what music you like or how yours minds work on social media, what things your most attach with or Google Dorks to fetch more sensitive information from your websites or linked emails on other websites, that would surely helps him later on hack attempt.

Social Engineering and Spoofing:

After collecting information of victim. A hacker will try to exploit you somehow, but according to this video the hacker spoofs victim’s phone number in a call to the victim’s phone company. The hacker masks her number she’s calling from with what a customer-service representative would see as being victim’s number. This step helps in convincing the company that the caller is legitimate.
She plays the video in the background to make it seem as if she’s distraught and calling from a hectic household. Once she starts talking with the customer care representative, she pretends as being the victim’s wife in distress.

After the success of the play crying baby piped to exploit Empathic calls and obtain the necessary information. She does speak some excuses customer and do what empathetical calls. Within only 30 seconds , she has the email address of the victim.

Noor Qureshi

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Network Security and Information Security.

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