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Warning ! This App Is Dangerous

Under the different needs of apps download, but not many people know that some of the issues downloading application may prove dangerous, that tis why hey can be stolen the data to download.

Recently, before the application is a similar. ‘The ‘unfriend’ alert, which was made in the name app which informed you that the facebook to you on this app extradited. The fact that it has to use the data of user achieved. User is to tell how the application that the list extradited from the FBI, for free, for users more attractive.

This app before their to provide you with sign in and says to you and know the password. This was disclosed by the internet security firm, says that the app MalwareBytes to use of the user login credentials (ID) and password direct facebook not to send the bill, but sent to ‘The ‘unfriend ‘ app advertisements, named the display.

And to use the applicant user loss in computer software IBM will also install more dangerous can is that this application facebook apps list of not in use,  though it brought you conveniently forget they can keep on yours online activities.

The online security Experts say that the application to the the user and change your password. The application of the facebook consumers shall be extradited to any of the other apps can use.


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