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Vodafone Hacked! – Affecting Thousands of Customers Data

Vodafone Hacked! by Hackers more than 18k of Personal Data is been Breach official Vodafone says about the Cyber Attack, they claim about this attack on Saturday.

Vodafone said it noticed attempts to access customer account details between midnight on Wednesday and noon on Thursday, when it started an investigation. On Friday, the company notified the National Crime Agency and Information Commissioners’ Office, which is responsible for guarding personal data privacy in the UK.


Hackers may have potentially gained access to Vodafone customers’ names, phone numbers and the last four digits of their bank account numbers. A “handful” of customers have been subject to fraudulent attempts on their accounts, Vodafone said.

Hackers Claims to have Vodafone Hacked Dumps! they can leak online or use illegal for anything.

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