VirusTotal Now Supports Mac OS X Applications for Scanning online!

Finally VirusTotal Updated there website, Now they support Mac OS X apps which are being infected or having embedded malware from torrent sites or targeted attackers. Mac OS X also get alot of spam from online cracked softwares or attacker can use Zero day exploits to target you!

Let’s protect yourself from virus!

Give a few second to upload your app to VirusTotal and scan your file! and use Latest Protecting Apps as well from app store.

What is VirusTotal?

Google Says: VirusTotal Established in 2004 and Google Brought in 2012, VirusTotal is the largest online file scanning service, where anyone can upload there apps or files and get a scan result from VirusTotal.

VirusTotal used by many hackers and researchers for testing there own codes, or for black-hat stuff.

VirusTotal upload your file to there servers and start scanning your file from 55 Different Antivirus and it combine it’s result and show you output.

Recently, VirusTotal did an announcement about their new feature for supporting Mac executables files to check them from different viruses.

“We are happy to announce equal treatment for Mac OS X apps. Files scanned that are Mach-O executables, DMG files, or ZIP files containing a Mac app, will be sent to the sandbox to produce behavioral reports.” Karl Hiramoto, Technical Account Manager at VirusTotal, said in a blog post.

Source : VirusTotal += Mac OS X execution


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