Using DroidJack Android RAT Will Put You In Jail

DroidJack is an Android RAT (Remote Administration Trojan) tool used by hackers to steal or record data on injected Android smartphones.

DroidJack can be used to remotely access the Android device from a computer and remains hidden from the device owner. It is available on the internet for $210/£137 and it is also one of the hottest Android RAT tools on the market, mainly used in the Middle East region which affects Android users only.

DroidJack has cool features such as:

  • GPS tracking
  • Send, delete, view SMS
  • View contacts, call logs and make a phone call
  • View history browsers and bookmarks
  • Open an app
  • Turn-ON/OFF camera and microphone

According to the spokesman said to BBC that,” A 28-year-old male from Carlisle under suspicion of computer misuse act offenses,” this arrest was made in connection with the international DroidJack operation and he has been bailed next 6 months.

Police have raided 13 houses in Germany and one man was arrested in the UK (United Kingdom). Germany suspects that 19 – 51 aged people are involved in DroidJack.

Conclusion: Buying DroidJack Android RAT and installing in on the victim’s device without their permission will put you in danger of being arrested by police.

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