Use Facebook, WhatsApp & Other Messengers Together in Android!

Use Facebook, WhatsApp and other Messengers application together at one place, Sometimes you didn’t like to open and look around for different notifications about different messengers, this application might help you getting all done in one place.

But that still required you have each individual app installed. All you need is Disa Application for your Android Phone which contains all of that messaging functionality together. And if that didn’t contain your Messengers which you uses! Disa has ability to create a plugin for it or just wait for someone else to release that one.

How to Install Disa?

Download and Install from Play Store!

How to Add Services?

After Installing Disa your ready to start adding messaging services. To install a messaging plugin, tap “Add Service” from the Settings menu.

When you done finish installing new plugin, you have to restart your Disa Application. Then You’ll then be prompted to take the necessary steps to properly set up the service (if not, you’ll need to tap the paintbrush icon next to the service’s name in order to add your login credentials and enable extra settings). Existing conversations will be loaded into your conversations list if you decide to allow that.


How to Merge Conversations ?

Disa also supports merge conversations feature which just like any other messaging app, but it there features make it special, After merging conversations you can have access to your Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS Even together at single place.

To merge messages, you’ll need to first tap and hold each of the target conversations from the main list, then click the merge icon on the bottom-left of the screen. Disa will then ask you to select the service you want to use to reply to the conversation, but that can always be switched by tapping the service icon in the message text field.

How to Backup Conversations?

Disa also enables backup features which makes it more useful to use, if anyhow your Phone crashed you can restore the backup which you have already taken and saved in clouds or Google Drive, They also have plan to include scheduled backup soon!

Disa comes with Android version for now, but they have plan for sharing iSO version soon!

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