US Defense Department updated 4 million PCs to Windows 10

The United States Department of Defense update 4 million computers to Windows 10,  one of the largest corporate since the launch of Microsoft ‘s latest operating system migrations.

An unprecedented deployment because made within a year and will include all types of equipment (desktops, laptops and convertibles) of one of the largest and most complex organizations in the world.

The intention of the Department of Defense to upgrade computers to Windows 10 was announced in November for its CIO , citing as objectives, the  improvement of cyber security Department, reducing IT costs and simplifying its operating environment .

Update 4 million computers represent a vote of confidence for Windows 10, once Microsoft indicate that the system  “had reached a point in the maturity of the platform on which we can confidently recommend the  deployment of Windows 10 in entire organizations “.

The announcement came after the release of windows 10 Threshold 2 , the first major update to the new Microsoft operating system since its release in late July, with improvements for individual users and especially for businesses.

Threshold 2 includes improvements in all aspects of the platform, the overall performance of the system, the user experience or updating their drivers of devices and applications by Microsoft partners to increase compatibility of Windows 10.

In late 2015, Microsoft published an article  in which he described some reasons why governments should upgrade to Windows 10 , performance, efficiency, security, control, flexibility and freedom of choice.

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