How To Unlock your Samsung Screen Lock using Dr.Fone – Android Lock Screen Removal

Android Phones lock screens become the most relatively important thing as a smartphone, as the screen locks not only provides privacy to users but also they prevent unauthorized persons having access to your private data. Screen locks is first layer of protection on your smart phone it prevents from opening applications and lot more.

Lock screens has their drawbacks too. What if you forgot your pattern or numeric code you put on your lock screen this can be your worst nightmare, you won’t be able to access you device until you figure it out how to crack this pattern or numeric code.

When these type of situations arises the common method is to root your android device, which is also suggested officially by Android Phone services providers.

What will happened if you root your device?

Rooting isn’t a perfect solution you’ll be end up losing your data sometimes even you android phone too it also affect the warranty of your phone.

Dr.Fone Application

I haven’t used that application personally but it promise to compromised your lock screen with affecting your device. This application promise to work in all kinds of lock screens like pattern, passwords, fingerprint and pin. Even through Dr.Fone application is old but it has a new feature of lock screen removal currently that application is available on Android, Windows and Mac (Coming soon).

So, now let’s talk about to use it? 


To get started you need to open-up your application go to the ‘More Tools’ section. From their, select the option of ‘Android Lock Screen Removal’ from the three options provided under ‘More Tools.’ This will allow you to remove passcode, PIN, fingerprint and pattern from your Samsung phone.



Then connect your Android device with your computer and start removing your lock screen.


How to get download mode on your android device?

  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • Hold the power button, then home button and the volume down button simultaneously.
  • Press the volume up button.



Now that you have completed that step two your smartphone will start downloading wait until the download complete.



Once the download is complete, the android lock screen removal process will begin. while the Dr. Fone software works none of your data on your Android smartphone will be affected. After the whole process is over, you can access your Android mobile device without entering any passcode/pin/pattern and access all your smartphone data without any problem.


Congratulations you have successfully completed these steps and your android phone will be reset completely. If you haven’t followed these steps completely then you might unable to reset your smartphone completely. If you found any problem related to our tutorial shout in comment.

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