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Hacker” is the word which is so much infested by the media, Hacker to an average person means “A guy with his hoodie  on going to a coffee shop and hacking the NSA! No, that’s not how it actually works in real life. Hacker” to an average person can also mean a guy who can hack a Facebook account by making phishing page which maybe took him a week to find a bulletproof hosting, or may be someone who can “RAT” someone and then pretend to be a “Pro L33T hax0r” afterwards.

The thing is 95% of people who call themselves hackers are actually skids, here think of it, what would an average person do if he wants to hack a website, let’s say he wants login credentials from an SQL database of a website(which has an SQL vulnerability) what would he do, here he will probably Google “How to hack this or that? and then maybe get hooked up by a tutorial or something showing how to exploit an “SQL vulnerability” because the website he is trying to hack is shit and the owner of that website didn’t put much attention to the website while coding it. Then the guy would probably use some automated tools like Havij( the most skiddish shit ever) and then get the login credentials,

Would you call such person a hacker?

NO!, you would call him a SKID!  Why? Because he did something which he doesn’t know of, he doesn’t know what an SQL database is, he doesn’t know what SQL is, he doesn’t know how Havij is working , he doesn’t know shit

Sure enough he “got into a system” but you don’t call him a hacker for fucks sake, just because the owner of that website didn’t pay a shit to the strengthen a code.

Also RATTING isn’t hacking nor Key-logging is, argue how much you want.

Just because you purchased a “RAT” from a forum and port forwarded and stuff and got a “slave” doesn’t make you a hacker. It doesn’t. It makes you a “skid shit”

Just because you purchased a “KEY LOGGER’  and were able to get the admin credentials of some shitty social networking website since 2 months doesn’t make you a Hacker

The thing is you don’t know how the thing works, you don’t know what a RAT does! You don’t know how it works,

The people selling the same programs are skilled but the people buying them are the complete opposites

Want to learn Website Hacking?

Learn HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL. This is the path which is least taken by someone who wants to become a hacker

Learn Code Injections, server-sided attacks, client-sided attacks, Phishing,  defacement, Web firewalls, shelling, reverse connections, escalating to server, enumerating applications, platform research. Learn how web servers work, command execution and other stuff. You need to understand how a system works and go deep into it and then you would probably think about breaking it, “Googling to hack” rarely helps

I would not lie, but this would be hard, change the way you think. A Hacker is first most a programmer and then a “Hacker”, that’s why you would need to have a good knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL. Same applies for other stuff? Want to make malware? Learn C++ and hook up with some assembly probably (x8086) first. Learning Assembly is hard, I would not lie, so be sure to if you want to follow this path.Same applies for other fields in the hacking

For networking part, understand the core concepts of networking and other stuff, TCP/IP protocol etc. Just don’t try to what you don’t even know of, hook up with languages, go deep with concepts

At last I would say, follow the path which is right not the path everyone else follows and then later be called as a “Skid”

Noor Qureshi

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Network Security and Information Security.

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