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U.S Gov Got Hacked Again by China!

This is the second time when human resources agency of the government of the United States was attacked. Hackers are related to China are responsible for this cyber attack which is denied by the Chinese authorities.


Through this attack, hackers gained access to highly confidential information, such basic information required for security clearances for agencies like the National Security Agency presented by military and intelligence personnel as revealed by anonymous US officials.


This information is required for security clearances covering information about the previous records of mental illness, drug and alcohol arrests and past bankruptcies. Other information, such as family and employee contact US intelligence requires applicants.


The first attack was on the OPM last week that took place to obtain sensitive information from federal workers. The data consisted of information from the four million current and former federal workers was affected by cyber-attack in December. Hackers still has information on federal workers as delighted by a union of the American Federation of Government Employees.


The AFGE foundation told that this is a case of dreadful failure on agency’s part to keep information safe and guard this confidential data as handed over by Federal workforce.

Federal employees got to know about this attack when they were investigating about first. This is followed by an incidence in which Edward Snowden a federal government contractor stole tens of thousands of the National Security Agency’s most confidential documents.

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