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U.S. accused Huawei of Stealing Trade Secrets from 6 Companies

The prosecution is the newest development by Trump’s government in their battle toward the Chinese tech company, which it considers a danger to stability. The US administration has accused Huawei and two of its affiliates with criminal extortionists and attempting to seize industrial secrets from American companies, a major increase in the Chinese telecom company’s legal dispute with the Trump administration. The looted details included source code and wireless technology manuals.

Associated Companies:

The complaint did not name the six firms but suggested that they were:
– Cisco Systems
– Motorola Solutions
– Fujitsu
– Quintel Engineering
– T-Mobile
– CNEX Laboratories
A person associated with the scrutiny as well as legal records brought in many civil cases.


The accusations bring further weight to Washington’s lobbying campaign against Huawei, which is now banned from purchasing certain American commodities and deemed a danger to national security by the Trump administration. The move is also part of an effort by the government to clamp down on what it claims is a trend of Chinese spying and corruption that aims to give Beijing a technical edge.
On the other hand, Huawei’s dismissed all the allegations.

Current Allegation:

The fresh sanctions against Huawei have come days after the wall street journal claimed that U.S. investigators had proof of the firm utilizing “back doors” that permitted it to obtain classified and confidential details illegally.
Nevertheless, the organization fought back at the surveillance claims, debating that the US had a lengthy history of spying on its partners and rivals, pointing to an article by The Washington Post outlining how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) purchased a business named Crypto AG and using it to accumulate information from foreign governments over decades.

5G Services:

The continuing scuffle upon Huawei, which is frequently viewed as a tech dominance fight between the USA and China, has entangled numerous nations, with the Trump administration intentionally discouraging its associates like the UK from adopting Huawei’s 5 G cellular network technologies.
Despite the stiffening stress, the UK announced last month that it would proceed to use Huawei’s gear but limit its role to assemble external parts of the 5 G and full-fiber network. Similarly, France has said it will not exclude the company from providing 5 G network equipment in the country.

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