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Tutorial Uniscan Tool Find Vulnerabilities with Kali Linux

Hi The Hack Today, Today we are going to write about Uniscan tool that used for finding Vulnerabilities inside your website or your Targeted Websites. Uniscan is a powerful tool which sometimes is lucky for you, you can join Bug Bounty program from different sites that pays good amount for finding Vulnerabilities on their apps and websites. It has both versions Terminal version ” Console Version ” and GUI version as well for easy usage.

Here is a link for some usage : http://tools.kali.org/web-applications/uniscan

If you wanna download that tool then do it! Else it is pre-installed inside Kali Linux or BackTrack.

How to Use Uniscan in Kali Linux or BackTrack?

First Open up your Terminal and Type this: uniscan

” This will bring you usage for that tool on your Terminal” Next you have to Find a Targeted Website.

Scan Site for Vulnerability: uniscan -u http://www.yourwebsite.com/ –bqdw

That’s basically it just let it run it will give you a summary of the site all bugs etc in full detail scans alot! That’s how simple there are many other ways to scan websites for bugs etc.

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