(#OpTurkey) Turkish Banks Hits by Powerful DDos Attack!

Anonymous #OpTurkey Affects Turkish Online Banking System was massively hit by Powerful DDos, Anonymous online Hacktivist Group Conducted this Attack and Claimed in there youtube Posted Video About this #OpTurkey Operation.

Anonymous claimed on there video Turkey for supporting Daesh or ISIS that’s why they conducted that payback say’s anonymous group will attack country’s airports, banks, government and military servers.


The powerful DDos attack effects online transition and different banking services. Anonymous hackers started to attack on Banks and Different Websites on Thursday which kept coming to Friday evening. Many were thinking that this attack coming from Russia as a backlash to what happened in Turkish-Syrian border last month.

Next day Turkish DNS Server Hit by 40Gbps of DDos and Bring down whole and affecting whole .tr domain directory.

“If you don’t stop supporting ISIS, we will continue attacking your internet, your root DNS, your banks and take your government sites down. After the root DNS, we will start to hit your airports, military assets and private state connections. We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure. Stop this insanity now Turkey. Your fate is in your own hands,” said Anonymous.

Which Banks were Affective by the Attack? 

Three known banks who have confirmed the attack include State lender Ziraat Bank, Isbank and Garanti. The Turk Telekom has also confirmed the attack. Onur Oz, one of the spokesmen from Turk Telekom Internet provider defined the attack as “serious” and told Reuters that,

The state of Turkey has been accused of aiding and buying oil from the Daesh terrorist group. Some also accuse Turkey of being a safe passage for the groups recruitment in Syria.


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