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Top linux distributions Used By Hackers

Best Linux distros: which one is right for you


Choice and flexibility are the hallmarks of a Linux distribution, and by extension the Linux ecosystem. With the proprietary Windows and OS X, you’re stuck with the system as designed and can’t make changes no matter how unpleasant you may find the experience. Linux distributions are free of such limitations.

Each distro has the Linux kernel at its core, but builds on top of that with its own selection of other components, depending on the target audience of the distro. Most Linux users switch between distros until they finally find the one that best suits their needs. However, for new and inexperienced users, the choice of hundreds of distros, with seemingly little to distinguish them, can seem challenging to say the least.

Top linux distributions Used By Hackers 

1. kali Linux
2. BackTrack 5r3
3. NodeZero.
4. BackBox Linux
5. Blackbuntu.
6. Samurai Web Testing Framework.
7. Knoppix STD.
8. Pentoo.
10. Matriux Krypton.
11. DEFT.
13. Bugtraq

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