Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Spotify Account Secure

While saving money is a great goal, there’s nothing noble about it when someone decides to save a few coins by freeloading on your Spotify account. What’s alarming about the safety of your Spotify account is that it is open to various types of attacks such as hackers and good old-fashioned criminals.

The good news is that you can protect yourself from these people and we would like to share some of them that are the most effective.

Antivirus Software

The first and most important step to ensure maximum security when using your Spotify web player is installing an antivirus program that’ll protect your account from different threats.

One of the threats that an antivirus can protect you from includes Trojan horse attacks which are programs that look like legitimate software. Hackers use these programs to harvest your personal data in the background and this can include your Spotify account details.

Use your security features

Almost all devices have security features that you can use to protect yourself from people who might want to access your Spotify account without your permission.

One of these features is encrypting your SIM cards and USBs as they can contain crucial personal data and can easily get lost or stolen. Another feature that some devices have that is essential is the one that allows you to locate and wipe personal data from a stolen or lost device.

Don’t use one password

One of the most efficient ways for a hacker to access your account is by using a bath of login details they stole from a certain source everywhere else.

This is very alarming considering the number and severity of data breaches that have happened in some of the biggest businesses in recent years. If you’re concerned about forgetting some passwords, you can use password manager apps.

Two-factor authentication

While Spotify doesn’t have two-factor authentication on its platforms at the moment, you can still enjoy its protection by using your Gmail or Facebook account to log in.  What two-factor authentication can do for you in this instance is prevent a hacker from gaining access to your account even if they have your Gmail or Facebook password. That’s because they’ll still need physical access to your phone or need a security key.

Third-party access

One of the best features Spotify has is that it can work on various platforms and apps so you can enjoy music wherever you are. Unfortunately, this feature can also let you allow services that you don’t want to have access to your account anymore or malware. What you can do about this is to regularly check which apps are linked to your account.


Another way hackers can use to gain access to your Spotify account is by pretending to be a service that you use or would like to utilize. They can do this by offering you links to a website that looks legit via email or other media where you will enter your login details.

They can also pretend to be Spotify so you need to stay vigilant. Sticky notes and notebooks Writing down a list of passwords may sound like a great idea because hackers won’t get access to this information. Unfortunately, this can leave you open to physical attacks as even a normal person like a colleague with criminal tendencies can gain access to your personal property. If you want to write it down, try jotting clues that’ll remind you of your

Destroying old devices

When devices die, you may think that their data is now inaccessible but that isn’t true as many hackers and technically inclined criminals can get data from discarded devices.  As long as your device’s hard drive is not properly disposed of, sensitive information that includes your Spotify login details is at risk. The best way of discarding old devices is by recycling them, burning them at 2,732 Fahrenheit, or pouring acid over hard drives.

Log out

When using Spotify on a shared device like a library computer, you always need to make sure that you log out after a session. In addition to that, you must ensure that your login details are not stored on the saved passwords feature of that device or its browsers. Also, if you ever suspect that someone is using your Spotify account, use the Sign Out Everywhere button and reset your password.

Public Wi-Fi

Since anyone can access public Wi-Fi, hackers can enter these too and intercept information like login details or share malware that can allow them access to your device. To ensure that you stay safe on public networks, you need to use VPNs to encrypt your connection and turn off file sharing.


There are many ways to keep your Spotify account safe from hackers and digital carpetbaggers and we hope that you will implement any that are relevant to you. Utilizing these tips will keep you safe from most of the threats that face your Spotify account and your personal privacy online and offline. However, there are many other security measures you can enforce to secure your Spotify account from attacks, like updating software regularly.

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