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The Loophole Allow Hackers to Hack WhatsAPP

This trick allows any random stranger to more effectively control your WhatsApp account. The attacker does not need anything more than the phone number of the target person, and is able to access the target mobile phone for a few seconds, even if it is locked.

This is not even a glimmer or vulnerability in WhatsApp … rather, it is simply the way WhatsApp and its mechanism of account setup works.

NOTE: We are not encouraging users to hack others account WhatsApp, but the purpose of the publication of this article is to warn and remind our readers that should be very careful who lends his mobile phone …. and not left unattended for longer than necessary, especially with strangers around.

This trick allows non-technical-hacker to gain complete control of the victim WhatsApp account in no time at all, and the most amazing part is that it works on all mobile platforms, including Android, Windows and iOS from Apple.


Step 1: Begin by setting up a WhatsApp account on a new mobile phone using the phone number of your target.

Step 2: During the setup process, WhatsApp will call the target’s phone number and will provide a PIN that needs to be entered for the authentication of the account.

Step 3: If you already have access to the victim’s phone, you can just answer the phone call and grab the code with no effort at all. Even if the victim has a lock screen enabled on the phone, you canreceive the phone call to get the “secret” PIN.


Step 4: Profit?


Think your fancy iPhone is “safer” than other models? Think again.


Things get even worse on the iPhone if the users have configured their iPhones with Siri authentication for the lock screen, because all their contact details are available for access via Siri’s settings, effectively giving EVERYONE access to their phone number, bypassing their PIN.


Thus, if you try to steal the account information of their WhatsApp, without even having the phone number of the target user, you can just call the  number from the target’s phone using Siri.

Just check the given video demonstration that explains the simple trick of taking control of anyone’s WhatsApp account.


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