The 5 major improvements of Windows 10

The arrival of Windows 10 was a real revolution in the PC world. For the first time not only Microsoft released its operating system free of charge to those with an original license yea, we did a whole, so that everyone could access the brand-new platform.

For those who want to know more about the platform, we disclose what are the top five improvements they will find within the system.


It is a product well done, with great functions as the read mode, the capture system, broadcasting and editing screen, among other tools. While it has several points for adding polish and addons, this browser is one of the biggest bets of W10.


Like Apple with Siri and Google Now with Google, Microsoft launches its own voice assistant. Cortana has the potential to become a real tool for all users. Since defición seek an unknown word to schedule a commitment, this wizard reaches all Windows platforms.

Action Center

Windows 10 is designed to provide all users, from the new menu design to renewed option buttons. Within this concept stems the center of action. This window has the main options used by users on your computer: the connections, the new tablet mode, the options menu and even airplane mode. This place is intended to contain and quick access to the main items of our PC.

Start menu

Who would not be excited when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would return the Start menu dear? After his removal Windows 8, users were somewhat dissatisfied. Therefore, the company noted claims and recovered an iconic element of the operating system, improved and presented a classic but renovated and modern.

Apps platform

The last major improvement in Windows 10 and in a sense the most important. Since its announcement, Microsoft said that the new operating system would be, first, a multiplatform service. This means you can run on a variety of devices, so that the apps must adapt to each environment. For developers also it means a great advantage, because they can create the same application for both PC and mobile devices.

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