The 20 Best Apple Watch Faces for 2022

Apple has a library of best watch faces built for specific purposes. There are several different watch faces to choose from, and many of them allow you to adjust the colors. Each of them, to varying degrees, allows you to adjust their complication widgets, which range from simple icons that take you inside an app to complicated sets of information that constantly update.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the Amazing apple watch faces.

20 Best Apple Watch Faces

Here’s a list of the best apple watch faces:

1. Meridian

Meridian was added to the Apple Watch Face Gallery with watchOS 6.

  • It provides an excellent balance of appearance that is enhanced by the option of four complexities in the center of the dial.
  • Its customization features include the ability to change the dial color between white and black and the complication color.

2. Infography

Customizing and reducing the graphic components on Infography can result in a significantly better user experience.

  • This watch face adds eight complexities to the screen.
  • You can also use Infography to build separate shortcuts for all of the apps you want, such as heart tracking, the fitness app, and others.

3. Astronomy

Astronomy apple watch

Tapping the Solar Dial watch face will show you whether it’s the day, night, or one of the twilight phases.

  • This watch face displays a 3D model of the Earth, Moon, or Solar System that is constantly updated. 
  • By adding the Moon complication to a watch face’s corner, you can observe the time of the next moonrise or moonset.

4. Photos 

Photos Apple Watch

With photo face, you can select your photos and display them on your smartwatch.

  • It also allows you to select up to 24 photos as the faces.
  • You can add complexity or leave them out for a cleaner look. With this watch face, you can also change the time position.

5. Motion

Motion apple watch design

Motion watch face display a beautiful animated theme.

  • It has three collections of watch faces butterfly, jellyfish, and flowers that are visually appealing and offer relaxing animations.
  • Up to three complexities can be supported by the Motion Watch face.

6. GMT Watch Display

GMT Watch Display apple watch design

The GMT watch face arrived with watchOS 7. 

  • It has an inner dial with 12-hour markings that displays your local time.
  • It has an outer dial with 24-hour markings that displays a separate time zone.

7. Chronograph Pro

Chronograph Pro

The original Chronograph included a stopwatch that could be operated straight from the watch face.

  • Tap the bezel on the 12-hour clock with the Chronograph Pro watch face to convert your watch to a chronograph.
  • It estimates speed based on a defined distance and time travel and, by default, uses the tachymeter timeframe. Time can be recorded on 60, 30, 6, or 3-second scales.

8. Simple

  • It is the most basic watch face available.
  • The Simple face allows you to customize the dial design, so you can go completely simple with just the watch hands if you prefer, or add hour-markers to your watch face.

9. Artist

The Artist’s watch face does not allow you to personalize many aspects.

  • It likewise solely displays the time with no additional information.
  • Every time you raise your wrist or tap the watch face, the portrait on the face changes.

10. Unity

Unity is meant to be combined with a limited edition Apple Watch band.

  • This unique watch face uses 2D ray tracing.
    With a unity face, you can mix and match the colors.

11. California


California is popular since it can most closely resemble a classic, recognizable watch face.

  • It is sleek and straightforward, with either a square or round face.
  • The multiple complications are completely configurable, and the time display can be changed in terms of shape and numerical style.

12. Count up

Count Up adds stopwatch capabilities to the watch face.

  • It comes in five variations and a variety of colors.
  • This watch face can be used to keep track of the amount of time that has passed.
  • This watch face is only available for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 models.

13. Memoji

The Memoji Watch face is ideal for displaying your iPhone’s memoji avatar.

  • Every time you press the screen to wake it up, you’ll be greeted with a delightful little animation that’s rather wonderful.
  • You may change the appearance of the character as well as the color.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you may optionally add complexities of your choosing.

14. Typograph

This is a lovely basic watch face for minimalists.

  • There are no issues to speak of, just four enormous numerals taking up space on the face. It is, however, still very customizable.
  • Lastly, you may alter the fill color to match your clothes, mood, or whatever you choose.

15. Stripes

With stripes face, you can change the number of visible stripes from nine to two.

  • You may also re-arrange the colors in whatever order you like.
  • The stripes may be rotated such that they are horizontal, vertical, or at an angle ranging from 0 to 345 degrees in 15-degree increments.

16. Solar dial

Solar dial face includes complications on each side for your choice of specifics as well as a large and dramatic solar measure.

  • It tells you when it will be sunset where you are, in addition to the time.
  • Lastly, you can watch to check how much daylight there is, which is quite helpful.

17. Fire and water

Fire and Water is an animated face that looks fantastic on Apple’s display.

  • You may choose between a rectangle or a circular dial.
  • In addition, it has up to 3 complications.

18. Portrait

The Portrait Apple watch face is a gleaming new feature that debuted with WatchOS 8.

  • Firstly, it allows you to utilize any photograph taken in portrait mode as your Apple Watch face.
  • Furthermore, It has complications at the top and bottom of the watch face.

19. Gradient

Gradient launched with the Series 4.

  • An hour and minute hands are represented by shaded portions.
  • You may reduce this to a single second hand and modify the colors.

20. Utility


Another versatile option of the best Apple Watch Face is the Utility face.

  • It includes up to 4 complications and 4 dials.
  • Furthermore, utility is one of the greatest selections if you like a basic, readable Apple Watch face.

The Bottom Line for best Apple Watch faces

These are my top 20 suggestions for the best Apple Watch faces. Please let me know in the comments section which you liked the most.

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