The 10 Best Anonymous Operations Achievements

Anonymous Operations – hacker group declared war on Dash last year in response to Paris Attack, The Anonymous group has sorted these operations and called #OpParis a biggest success, because they took down Dash twitter accounts that got suspended, some of them were fake and some of them were real.

Recently, Anonymous Declared war on Donald Trump as well. But they didn’t included that in top 10 operations.

10 Best Anonymous Operations

  1. Operation Ice ISIS
  2. Operation Charlie Hebdo
  3. The Steubenville Rape Case
  4. The Judge Rotenberg Center
  5. Operation Russia
  6. Operation Darknet
  7. The Iranian Election Protests
  8. Project Chanology
  9. The Chris Forcand Arrest
  10. The Hal Turner Raid

Noor Qureshi

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