Super Mario Run, 22+ Best Hacks Available for iPhone & Android

Super Mario Run is available on iOS Devices and Android Devices. Super Mario is really a fun game. It enforces lots of new rules inside its application which keeps its users addicted to playing, just like Pokemon Go.

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1. Right Jump at the Right Time

Leave it to Nintendo to make an amusement you can just play with one finger intricate and intriguing. While everything you can do is tap on the screen to bounce, the sheer number of various ways you can implies there are bunches of various moves for you.

Tapping and holding prompt to a higher hop. Tapping and holding and tapping again makes you turn. Tapping and holding and swiping to one side takes you back a bit.

It’s imperative that you utilize the correct seize the ideal time. It’s great to foresee your best course of action. In any case, don’t stress on the off chance that you can’t get everything at the main attempt. Plainly Super Mario Run is intended to be paid over and over. What’s more, that is the main way you’ll have the capacity to score all the essential coins at each level.

2. Do a Wall Reverse Jump

This is a really cool way to try and get coins you just missed. When you jump, try to collide with a wall or a brick head-on. This will make Mario jump in the other direction. The perfect way to collect coins that are above or behind you.

3. Hit Multiple Blocks At The Same Time

If you time your jump just right, you’ll be able to hit right at the center of two blocks, giving you two power-ups instead of just one.

4. Play Again and Again To Cover All Grounds

Every level has different ways you can go about it. Every level has different levels if you will. To collect all coins, you should play the same level multiple times, making sure to take different paths all the time (remember which arrows you follow).

5. Always Find The Challenge Coins

The challenge coins – the ones in pink at the beginning are the extra special coins. They’ll get you more points. And getting these exclusive coins is how you’ll be able to boast about just how good you are at this game. Once the 5 pink coins are captured, they’ll be replaced by purple coins the next time. And then black the time after that.

6. Go Where The Arrows Point You

Whenever you come across an arrow, follow it. It will lead you to great things. An explosion of coins, a hidden pink coin, and more.

7. Grab The Flag With a Mid-Air Spin

As you might know, jumping to the very top of the pole and grabbing the flag isn’t easy. When you jump off, make sure it’s a long jump by tapping and holding the screen. In the end, tap on the screen to spin in the air – this means you’ll keep at the same level while moving forward instead of dropping down – increasing the chances of grabbing the flag.

8. Pause In The Air and Go Back

I discovered this accidentally but this can be a really useful move when deployed at the right moment. Tap and hold the screen to perform a high jump and then swipe left. This will hold you in the mid-air and will actually throw you back a bit.

9. Use The Pause Brick Wisely

When you land on the red brick with the pause button on it, the game stops moving. This is a great moment to take stock of what’s going on and the decision you need to make going forward.

10. Use The Bubbles To Your Advantage

When you die, you’ll usually be resurrected thanks to the bubble power-up. It will take you back a few moments. Tap the bubble to release yourself at the right time and use this chance to perform better on the next try.

11. Beat The Boss By Finding Their Weakness

You’ll be fighting a boss every 3 levels. The way to beat them is to find their weakness. Also, look at the environment around them and use that against them. To beat Bower, for instance, you’ll need to drop the axe on the bridge when he’s on it.

12. Always Power Up Before Going Into Battle

Before you go in to fight a boss, make sure you’re all powered up. Because while fighting you’re going to lose your energy with each blow.

13. Sign Up For A Nintendo Account

During sign-up, you’ll be asked to create a Nintendo account. As you’re excited about this game, your natural instinct might be to just skip it and start playing the game. But don’t. Take a couple of minutes to create an account – it’s easy, and you can connect via Google, Twitter, and Facebook. If you skipped it, go to settings to create and link the Nintendo account.

The Nintendo account gives you access to exclusive in-game content, toad rally tickets, and much more.

14. Unlock Toad

Signing into a Nintendo account is also the only way to easily unlock the Toad character. From the kingdom screen, tap on the “My Nintendo” button, and select the “Redeem” button under Toad’s picture.

Then go back to the Kingdom screen and tap on the Gift box. This is where you’ll be able to redeem the character.

15. Collect Points

Right next to the “Rewards” tab in the “My Nintendo” section is “Missions“. This is where you’ll be able to collect Nintendo Points for doing missions. Things like playing Toad Rally 3 times a day and more. When the button is red, tap on “Collect Points“.

16. Redeem Rewards

The rewards section has a lot of stuff other than Toad. You can use the points you earned above to redeem for some cool stuff – like 1000 coins in Super Mario Run and more.

Toad Rally

17. Be Aware Of Which Toads You’re Playing For

In Toad Rally mode, you play to win over toads so they’ll join the kingdom. When you start, you’ll see 5 different opponents with 5 different colors. You’ll need all the kinds of toads to rebuild the kingdom. So don’t keep playing the same color over and over again.

18. Don’t Punch Above Your Weight

If you use a Toad Rally, you’ll actually lose toads from your kingdom. So pick and choose who you compete against.

19. Keep Jumping

It’s really important that you be as flamboyant as possible while collecting coins in the Toad Rally mode. And the best way to do that is to jump. Do all sorts of different jumps – all the combinations. But make sure you’re collecting coins while doing that.

Kingdom Builder

20. Build Houses To Unlock Other Characters

When you’re starting out, focus on building houses, not on decorations. That’s the only way you’ll be able to unlock 3 really fun characters – Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette.

21. Check Back For Bonus Game

The first house that was “on the house” is a bonus game. You’ll be able to play this once every 8 hours. So check back here for at least a day to play it and earn more coins.


22. Conserve Battery

Tap the “Menu” button and select “Settings“. Then tap on “Options“. From here set “Rendering Settings” and “Graphics Settings” to Low. This will help you conserve the battery while you keep playing Super Mario Run.

You can also turn on “Lower Power Mode” in the “Battery” section from the Settings app to help a bit more.

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