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Spotify Keeps Pausing? 12 Quick Fixes To Solve your Problem

Spotify is one of the most widely used audio streaming services globally. It allows users to listen to music and podcasts on their devices, tablets, and computers. However, some have stated that the app’s playback is causing them problems, with the app stalling or freezing every few seconds. Continue reading to learn why Spotify keeps pausing and how to fix the problem.

Reasons Why Spotify Keeps Pausing

There could be several reasons why the music abruptly stopped. Below are a few examples of what could happen.

  • Something may be wrong with your phone’s Spotify installation.
  • You may have missed logging out of a different device, and a family member or friend is listening in on your account without your knowledge.
  • Perhaps you live in a location where the internet connection is poor.
  • It might also be because of unauthorized access to your Spotify account.

12 Quick Fixes To Solve Problem of “Spotify Keeps Pausing”

1. Restart Your Device (Phone/iPad/Laptop)

Restarting the device whether it is an android phone or a laptop, iPhone or a MacBook is one of the simplest ways to fix Spotify pause issues. Although, it’s usually best to power off the device for at least a few minutes before restarting.

This clears any cache that has been saved in memory storage and is one of the most common solutions for problems like this. Turn your smartphone back on and try Spotify again once 15 seconds have elapsed.

2. Disable Low Power Mode

The low power mode is available on all mobile devices and decreases background activity to save battery life. This option disables the background app, disables automated mail retrieval, and disables downloads in many circumstances. It may also conflict with your Spotify stream in some circumstances.


You will have to turn off low power mode if you’re listening to Spotify in that manner. It’s as easy as pulling down from the top-right edge of the screen and pressing the battery icon on an iPhone.

  • Low power mode can also be accessed by navigating to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

3. Disable Data Saving Mode

When playing over mobile networks, Spotify offers a built-in Data Saver option that minimizes the amount of data used by the app. This option has the potential to degrade playback quality and cause Spotify pauses.

Tap the gear symbol in the top-right corner of the screen, then select Data Saver from the drop-down menu. Make sure the slider is off.


4. Update your Spotify app

Spotify occasionally fails to function correctly after an update, particularly after OS changes. Make sure your mobile device is running the most recent operating system version.


Enabling automatic updates is one possibility. Another option is to check for updates that are currently available manually.

  • For this On iOS:

Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to do so.

  • To search for system updates on Android:

Click Settings, System updates, and search for updates.

5. Check your Internet connection

Make sure that your internet connectivity is good, as it can affect the streaming on Spotify. Spotify gives you the option of streaming your music at various internet speed quality levels.

  • The minimum bitrate for music is 160 kbps, with 384 kbps upload and download speeds required.
  • The next phase is 320 kbps, which requires 512 kbps upload and download rates.

You’ll need at least 2 Mbps down and 0.5 Mbps up for streamless quality streaming. If you don’t keep these speeds at this level or greater, the performance of your music will deteriorate, resulting in pauses. 3G is frequently insufficient for lossless quality.

  • Try connecting to WiFi if you’re playing music at the highest possible quality and you aren’t getting the results you want. If that’s not available, reduce the stream’s quality.
  • You should also make sure Spotify isn’t trying to stream at a higher quality than your device is capable of.

To update Spotify streaming quality, do this:

  1. Access Spotify and click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Check under the Streaming header for Music Quality.
  3. Automatic will be set by default. (Low, Normal, High, and Very High are the Music quality options.)
  4. If your app frequently pauses, choose Low or Normal.

6. Delete and Reinstall the Spotify app

Delete Spotify from your gadget if you’ve followed the other procedures and they don’t work. This means removing the software on a PC or removing the app from your phone. Completely get rid of Spotify pausing error before reinstalling it.

Following installation, errors can occur, causing playback difficulties. You can work from a new, up-to-date install avoiding and pausing issues.

7. Check your Bluetooth Connectivity/ Test your AirPods

If you’re using Bluetooth headphones, be sure no settings interfere with your enjoyment. If you take one of Apple’s AirPods out of your ear, the music will pause. Spotify may pause if your Bluetooth device isn’t working correctly.

Listen to a few tracks without headphones first, then with headphones on. If Spotify only pauses when you’re wearing headphones, there’s a significant chance something’s incorrect with your Connected device.

8. Delete Cache to fix “Spotify keeps pausing”

Data corruption or obsolete data might cause app performance issues, such as Spotify halting. A clean, new install can typically resolve speed issues, but you must first remove all Cache and stored data for Spotify before proceeding.

For Android

To remove Spotify’s Cache and application from your Android smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” first and then click on “Apps”.
  2. Then find and select “Spotify”.
  3. Select “Storage” and then “Clear Data”.
  4. Select “Uninstall”.
  5. Install Spotify again. To reinstall Spotify, go to the Google Play Store, search for it and download it.

For iOS

  1. Launch “Spotify,” then pick the “gear” (Settings) icon from the “Home” page. spotify-keeps-pausing-hacktoday
  2. Select “Storage” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Delete Cache” then confirm by selecting it again. spotify-keeps-pausing-hacktoday
  4. Long-press the “Spotify” symbol to choose it.
  5. Select “Delete App” from the list of alternatives that appears, then click “Delete”.
  6. Install the app again. To reinstall Spotify, go to the iOS App Store, search for it and download it.

For Windows

To uninstall Spotify’s Cache and app on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Make your way to the “C” drive.
  2. Select “Users” and then “[Username]” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to “AppData” and then “Local.”
  4. Locate and select “Spotify.”
  5. Locate and remove the “Storage” folder.
  6. On Windows, uninstall Spotify. After selecting “Start Menu”, go to “Settings.”
  7. Choose “Spotify” from the “Apps” menu.
  8. Choose “Uninstall.”
  9. Install Spotify again. Look for “Spotify” in the “Microsoft Store” and reinstall it.

For macOS

To erase Spotify’s Cache and app on macOS, follow these steps:

  1. Clear the Cache on Spotify. Start “Finder”. spotify-keeps-pausing-hacktoday
  2. Select “Go” first from the top menu, then long-press the “Alt” key and select “Library”.
  3. Click and delete the “com.spotify.client” folder under “Caches”.
  4. Remove the “Spotify” folder from “Application Support”.
  5. Remove Spotify and open “Finder”.
  6. From the left-hand sidebar menu, select “Applications”.
  7. Locate and drag the Spotify app to the “Trash” icon.
  8. Then, to delete the program, empty the trash.
  9. Install Spotify again. Find the “Spotify” app in the “App Store” and download it again.

9. Examine for a faulty SD card, HDD, or SSD

Whether a hard disc drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive, your storage drive might become corrupt and still work (SSD). Furthermore, an SD card used to store your music may begin to fail. This situation frequently results in reading and write failures, as well as a sluggish PC, but it can also cause Spotify stopping troubles.

If you save your music on an external SD card, it’s easy to run into pause issues. Failing sectors on your HDD or SSD drive, or a failing drive in general, can also cause Spotify to pause repeatedly.

If you find the pausing error is because of the Faulty HDD or SSD, you can apply any of the given below methods that may work best for you.

  • Remove an SD card that contains your music, clean it, and then reinsert it.
  • You can also fix it by wiping the input slot and the SD card contacts after removing the SD Card from the PC/laptop.
  • Another option is to replace the SD card and attempt again to play Spotify.
  • Running a scan tool on an HDD or SSD to look for reading and write issues, as well as faulty sectors is also a way to resolve this issue.

Note: An SD card in your Android smartphone or iPhone can fail, causing read/write troubles. It may also stop being recognized as a storage device or drive. This is especially true on Android when the SD card is set as the primary storage.

Follow the same steps as above for cleaning the SD card on your smartphone. Brush off any dust on the card and reinsert it into the smartphone.

10. Free up space on your device

You may have run out of storage space on your SD card or internal phone storage, and the app and files are having difficulties finding adequate room to cache as it plays the music. Ensuring there’s enough room for the processes prevents Spotify from continuously halting.

11. Take Spotify out of the host’s file

The “hosts” file could be why Spotify keeps halting on your PC. Remove any “Spotify” data from your “hosts” file and see whether that fixes the pause problem.

12. Contact Spotify Help Centre

If your Spotify keeps pausing even after trying all of the above methods, you can contact Spotify Help Centre to get support for your account.


Why does my Spotify keep pausing?

You might have turned on your Low Power Mode, making your Spotify auto-pause. Go to your settings and disable your low power mode to fix this issue.

Why does my Spotify stops playing after some time?

Spotify stops playing after some time if you have enabled the “Sleep Mode”. If the issue persists, check your internet connectivity and disable low power mode.


These were the 12 easy fixes for your “Spotify keeps pausing” issue. Let us know in the comments if your issue gets fixed by any of the methods mentioned above.

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