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Should You Buy Youtube Subscribers?

Billions of people use YouTube every day, so there’s no reason why your channel shouldn’t grab some of that traffic, right?  Except it’s not that easy, as the competition is ridiculously fierce. No matter how amazing your music is, or how much your friends love the short movies you make or the comedic commentaries you share with them it’s difficult to attract attention from a wider audience unless you happen to upload something which goes viral.

Meanwhile, you see other channels with thousands of views on its content and as many, or more, subscribers, and wonder how they got to that point. Stop doing that! Instead focus your energy on joining the big hitters by building your own following of fans and supporters – which is entirely possible if you do something positive, like buying some fake YouTube subscribers, to kickstart things.

How to make fake YouTube subscribers work for you

The trick is to use this option wisely. This means buying from a trustworthy provider with excellent independent reviews and avoiding those which will simply let loose a bot to populate your subscribers with a lot of obviously fake accounts. Instead, choose a company that has a lot of genuine account holders they call on to deliver this service.

Don’t be too greedy either. Going from a dozen likes to 10,000 in a week is strange, and it’s unlikely you will have the level of views or comments on your content that would be normal with that number of fans.

The short-term benefits of purchasing YouTube subscribers

  • YouTube metrics boost channels that have a good number of subscribers as they are considered worthwhile to share and promote to others. This means it is more likely that your videos will have a better chance of featuring in the ‘suggested viewing’ lists people see.
  • Decent numbers make your channel more attractive to other people, acting as a shorthand for social proof. In turn, this means people will be much more likely to comment on and share your videos.
  • It’s a cost-effective option. There are plenty of companies offering to serve you up any sized helping of subscribers, and a good many of these are genuine. You would probably pay for some form of advertising anyhow so this is a good way to promote your channel.
  • It’s quick and easy to set up. The most effort goes into checking out a company that is reliable and genuine – the ordering takes just minutes.

The long-term benefits

Once you have the numbers and attention your content will speak for itself, and those who come across your work and like it are more likely to subscribe so they don’t miss anything new you add. Of course, you need to add quality content on a regular basis and work at both interacting with your followers and promoting your work as much as you can across other social media platforms. This is the route to sustained success, and perhaps one day to become an established authority or star.

Noor Qureshi

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Network Security and Information Security.

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