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How to Setup RAT without PortForward and Protecting yourself!

Setup RAT without Port Forwarding, Mostly Your ISP blocks you for doing PortForward! For that, we have a solution to still using RAT and Protecting your IP Address as well you don’t have to get a static IP.

Before we can start you need to register on a couple of sites and create your Account.

To start off, proXPN and no-ip.

proXPN is a free VPN program. Basically, for the noobs, this is like putting your computer behind a good proxy. When you connect, your IP appears to be one of proXPN’s. The upside to using proXPN is that in a way, your NAT is bypassed, and you pretty much have a public IP (meaning no need to route ports through a router).

No-IP is a free DNS host site. You register, give the site an IP of yours, and they give you a DNS host that routes to that IP. So let’s say you make a “” dns, routed to your IP, then anything that goes to that address goes to your IP. It’s like how when you go to “”, you’re ACTUALLY going to “”.

The name is just something for humans, but when you enter that, it gets sent to a DNS server, looks up the IP, then goes to the IP so you can see (I’m making these explanations vague for sake of noobs to compensate, don’t jump my shit.)

Now, after you’ve registered, here’s the magic.

Login and download the proXPN software.



Save it to your desktop and install it. Test it out; make sure you can connect.

Login to no-ip, and register a new host HERE:

For the hostname, put whatever you want (may depend on the RAT/DDOSER/ you’re using, so make sure you know), and the IP address should auto-fill itself. The IP won’t matter though; you’ll see why soon.

Scroll near the bottom and CREATE THE HOST. You know have a DNS host that routes to your IP; congrats

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Now, download the No-IP DNS Update Client software,


This software will make the DNS host you created a route to your current IP when it changes automatically. The reason we need this is, every time you connect to the proXPN, your IP will slightly change, so it needs to be accurate.

Download the software and install it. For me, it didn’t make a desktop icon, I may have not checked some box but look in your start menu (Windows) if it’s not there. Log in with your no-ip info, and it should ask you what hosts you want to update. Check the box by your DNS host, and click SAVE.

Now, no matter what your IP is, this DNS host will route to your computer when this is running.

Fire up proXPN (if you haven’t already) and you’ll see that the IP proXPN says you have, and the IP that says you have is the same as what the DNS Update Client says your DNS HOST routes to.

proXPN opens your ports for you. So, anything that connects to your proXPN IP, will automatically route correctly. Let’s say you have a CyberGate RAT listening on port 81. Then anything that tries connecting to your no-ip DNS through port 81 will route correctly…get the picture?

When you set up your RAT/DDOSER, have them connect to your No-IP DNS on w.e port you want them to (Suggested ones are 81, 667, 1337, 3174).

FUD your Server, and test it out. You should get connections.

I know this is a very vague tutorial and not one of my best, but I’m in a rush. I’ll try to get some pictures up soon, and some more detailed instructions.

Questions and Comments are welcome but don’t flame.

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