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Setting Up SSH Server on Kali Linux

SSH “Secure Shell” Tutorial establishing a connection between Kali Linux Machine and connecting your Kali Linux machine from anywhere we wanted to just with a static IP or using DNS. If you didn’t know about SSH then google about it! 🙂

Why Use Secure Shell (SSH)?

Secure Shell (SSH) improves network security by providing a means of establishing secure connections to networking devices for management, thereby preventing hackers from gaining access.

Using Digital Certificates, in a Public/Private Key Cryptography, SSH is able to authenticate clients or servers ensuring that the device or server you are about to connect to is exactly who they claim to be.

1. First we need to find out SSH services are running on the Kali machine or not.

To check the status of the ssh service. Open root terminal and type.

[email protected]:~# service -–status-all

If it’s showing – the sign means it’s not installed.

2. We need to install SSH.

[email protected]:~# apt-get install openssh-server

3. Now, Start SSH service.

[email protected]:~# service ssh start

4. Now Check the SSH status again.

[email protected]:~# service -–status-all

It’s showing + sign means it’s installed.

5. Now we need to create an RSA key of authentication.

[email protected]:~# ssh-keygen –t rsa

Then in the Enter file in which to save the key, enter the name putty, then press enter. Now it will create an RSA key for your authentication. Your server configuration part is done.

Video Demonstration:

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