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Saudi Prince Doubted To Hack Jeff Bezos iPhone Using Israeli Malicious Software

The forensic investigation on how Jeff Bezos his iPhone got hacked is a wild ride a story about international espionage blackmail and WhatsApp conversation between the world’s richest man and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Let’s walk through the timeline here on this, on Wednesday the United Nations called for a full investigation into Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman alleged role in hacking Jeff Bezos his iPhone 10, they received a report from FTI Consulting a business advisory firm that Jeff Bezos hired to figure out how his phone even got hacked in the first place the results detailed a very coordinated effort to install spyware on Jeff Bezos’s phone.

November 2017 the Saudi regime buys Pegasus 3 this is spyware developed by the Israeli surveillance company NSO group March 21st 2018 Jeff Bezos was invited to dinner out in Los Angeles by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that dinner happens on April 4 for 2018 where later they exchanged numbers to chat on WhatsApp during this entire time.

Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is publishing columns harshly criticizing MBS as well and the Saudi Arabia elected government on 1 May 2018, just a month after the Bezos-MBS meeting, MBS is giving Bezos a video file regarding WhatsApp researchers assume this is where the spyware infected BAE’s was his iPhone hours after Bezos’s phone got infected investigators found that his phone had been sending out data at a rate of 29,000 per cent more than normal over the next few months it would continue to harvest data from Bezos’s phone at this alarming rate in total it had amassed more than 6 gigabytes of data off of Bezos his phone.

Not much analysis could be done on the spyware because the video downloader was encrypted through WhatsApp and the researchers are unable to glance at the code in between May and June 2018, many Saudi activists with links to Khashoggi are also infected with a virus by WhatsApp October 2nd 2018 the Saudi Arabian government kills Khashoggi November 8th 2018 MBS text Bezos a photo of a woman who resembles Lauren Sanchez the woman that Bezos is cheating on his wife within the photo it’s a meme that talks about arguing with a woman and at the time Bezos was going through a divorce with his wife which was not public knowledge January 9 2019.

Bezos announces that he’s getting a divorce with McKenzie Bezos, his wife of 25 years February 7th 2019 Bezos makes a medium post Saying that perhaps the Enquirer tried to threaten him with messages and pictures with both him and Lauren Sanchez on 29 October 2019 Facebook declares a complaint against the NSO group over alleged hacking attempts on more than 1400 WhatsApp users in the span of two weeks November 14 to 2019 Facebook confirms to investigators that sending an mp4 file on WhatsApp was an effective method for installing spyware on people’s phones which is exactly what happened to Jeff Bezos January 21st 2020.

The Saudi embassy denies any ties to this hacking calls for their own investigation on the claims the NSO group also denies any involvement with this hack January 22nd 2020 the UN calls for a full investigation into the Saudi Arabian government and its role in this massive hack noting this was an effort to influence or silence the Washington Post reporting that’s the timeline so far and what we’ve seen is that government-sponsored spyware is incredibly powerful even on an encrypted messaging app like WhatsApp and it can infect even the most powerful people in the world

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