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Russia Blocked Encrypted Email & Calendar Service Tutanota

Russia blocks Tutanota:

Tutanota is the third encrypted email service in Russia to have been banned in the last few weeks. The website is directly charging Russia, much like China and Egypt, of behaving as an oppressive government.

In Russia, Tutanota was barred beginning on Friday, February 14. It results in Russia’s banning of many protected email systems to discourage Russian people from accessing secure electronic contact networks. In Egypt, it is blocked from October 2019.
At Tutanota we concentrate on supplying people, but also journalists and campaigners, with a safe and sensitive means of communication.

The service’s official twitter page comments about how Russian customers will navigate the company.

An act against encryption:

Encrypted data is a pain in the face of oppressive regimes such as Russia because encryption renders it difficult for intelligence forces to inspect their people. Tutanota’s latest blocking is an attack against confidentiality in Russia and sensitive contact.

Bypassing Russia’s block:

To bypass encrypted correspondence, the protected German mail service Tutanota (a security-oriented emails and calendar service provider) is now banned in a few areas of Russia only a week after AT&T prevented smartphone customers from obtaining the facilities of the organization in the USA. Russians still valuing their confidentiality can choose a secure VPN only or seek to connect the system through Tor.

Access via Tor or VPN:

People in Russia and Egypt requiring secure communication can still use Tutanota by using the Tor browser or a VPN. We do denounce Tutanota’s blocking. this is a form of censorship of Russian people who are now being robbed of yet another safe online medium of communication. At Tutanota we are battling in oppressive countries such as Russia and Egypt for the right of our users to privacy online, even, and particularly.

Censorship and Freedom of Speech:

Digital filtering is also used to hinder freedom of expression In many countries the constitution guarantees freedom of speech. it is the situation for starters in Germany and the USA. In those nations, limiting exposure to information or networking resources online is very complicated-if not impossible-for state actors.

In other nations, such as China, Russia, and Egypt, it is normal for state entities to block or limit unauthorized exposure to knowledge or communication devices.

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