Reduce Photo Size iPhone – 4 Easy Ways!

Many websites restrict how you can post images like your photo or documents. For sites to handle an extensive database of photographs without compromising overall site performance, such a strategy is in existence. If you’re trying to upload a photo or a Xerox of a document, you can do so immediately from your iPhone.

This article will guide you on four easy ways to reduce photo size iPhone. Let’s begin!

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4 Easy Ways to Reduce photo size iPhone

Following are some of the easy ways to reduce the photo size iPhone. We will discuss each method in detail.

1. Using the iOS app Image Size

To minimize photo sizes, we use the Image Size app in this instruction, but you can use any reliable app.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Image Size App. Reduce-photo-size-iPhone-hacktoday
  2. Allow Access to Your Photo Library by tapping on the top left image icon.
  3. Choose the photo you’d like to shrink and then hit Choose.
  4. The photo file size is now automatically reduced by the app. The difference is clear (1.28 MB to 243.48 KB). Reduce-photo-size-iPhone-hacktoday
  5. Finally, select Download to download the compressed image to your Photo collection. Reduce-photo-size-iPhone-hacktoday

2. Using the Shortcuts app from Apple

Ensure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS and that the Allow untrusted shortcuts setting is turned on before we begin. If not, go to Settings > Shortcuts > Allow Untrusted Shortcuts and toggle ON.

  1. Download
  2. On your device, go to Shortcuts and tap on the shortcut you just created. This will prompt you to allow access to your photo library, which you can do by tapping the ‘Allow Access‘ button on the pop-up.
  3. After you’ve granted access, you’ll be able to select the image you want to shrink. Tap Done once you’ve made your decision.
  4. A share tab will display when you select the size that best suits you. By selecting ‘Save,’ the image will be resized.

You’re finished, and you can now delete the previous images.

3. Send Pictures On WhatsApp To Reduce Photo Size

Have you noticed that most social media file sizes are smaller than standard file sizes? When you re-download a photo from social media, the size shrinks dramatically. This method can get used to minimize the size of both photographs and movies on your iPhone.

Many people have created a WhatsApp group with only one member – themselves.

  1. On your iPhone, open WhatsApp, establish a group and begin sending images to yourself. reduce-photo-size-by-using-whatsapp-hacktoday
  2. You may either save them from WhatsApp on your iPhone or download them in smaller sizes using the WhatsApp desktop client on your Mac. reduce-photo-size-by-using-whatsapp-hacktoday

4. Reduce Photo Size iPhone Using Third-Party Apps

There are many third-party apps other than Image Size that can help you to reduce the photo size for iPhone. Some of these include Photo Compress, Resize it, etc.


How to resize an image on iPhone?

  • Use Image Size App.
  • Shortcuts App
  • Send pictures on WhatsApp
  • Using third-party apps

How to reduce photo size on iPhone?

By using apps like Image Size, Photo compress, and Resize it, you can quickly reduce photo size on iPhone.


We hope this article was informative enough to guide you on how to reduce photo size iPhone. Let us know in the comment sections if this article was helpful for you. Good Luck!

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