PUBG Lite Free to Play Beta Coming to Take on Fortnite

PUBG goes free to play in the PUBG Lite beta.

PUBG Lite is free-to-play This version of PUBG is designed to accommodate lower-end PCs which may have not have been able to run the premium version of the battle royale title. The lite version of this game’s first map (Erangle) and will only let you play third-person solo/duo/squads. That means you can’t access the first-person only servers and won’t be able to take advantage of the game’s rotating special modes.

This PUBG lite version is currently being tested in Thailand. According to the company’s official blog. PUBG Lite will be soon be available to other countries. However official date of it’s launch isn’t mentioned.

PUBG Lite will work on lower-end hardware. That’s a good step from the company as PUBG PC to dominate the ranking on Fortnite. Even Though PUBG PC is extremely heavy and doesn’t run properly on even mid-range hardware.

This Lite version will allow people with budget laptops to play this game for free, thus making it accessible to wider audience.

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