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Protect yourself from Hackers while Doing Christmas Shopping!

Security is important while doing Online Shopping Hackers tried everything to Get your Credit Card information or Tried to Hack because that what they do!

So, we have some tips for you to protecting yourself from hackers while doing online Shopping. These days more and more people are heading towards to online Shopping rather then going to mall they shop from home and get a home delivery package.


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While you shop you have to Remember these things that pay protect you from being hacked by Attacker/Hacker.

Random Click!

First you need to make sure your clicking on a right link and not clicking on Any local website or suspicious links!

Passwords to Use!

Always use stronger Password and try to avoid using your official Password Everywhere and include a combination of upper and lowercase letter, numbers and special characters in your password.

Make Sure site is Protected via SSL!

Before typing your sensitive information online, check to make sure if your that website your visiting is SSL protected, if not then any hacker in your network can sniff your information as a clean text form, even if you write password hacker can see what you type.

Always make sure Communication is encrypted

SSL verifies websites are important!


Bank Statements Daily!

Checking your bank statements daily is an good idea to have a record of your activity on your credit card!


Use Credit Card instead of Debit Cards!

For online shopping using a credit card is always a good and better idea then using debit card,

Credit cards have spending limited but debit cards do not have it!

Credit cards should also be used with low credit or with limits even if there is an option given to bank as ” one-time use ”

Other Important things!

Always have a print document what you purchased or screenshot or prove!

It is important that while you done with shopping you must logout from retailer’s website in order to follow proper security tips.

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Important: If you thinks there something missing don’t forget to comment below! we will include your suggestion!

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