Protect your Privacy By Joining New Social Network (

New Social Networks claims to encrypt users Privacy and Personal Data and Anonymous Members seems to Promoting it to take over Facebook, hopes to take on Facebook and other social networks.

The new social networks works simple like others, Sharing Posts and making updates for your Followers and commenting features. As a reward users gets points which can be used to be exchanged for views, getting more traffic to your post and that post will be promoted by the social network to reach others active users.

According to Independent:

The site describes that mechanism as a “network that rewards you with reach”. As such, it is more straightforward than the Facebook algorithm — which the company little discusses and seems to work on a complicated mix of engagement, clicks and now the time spent looking at certain posts.

They made site open source so anyone can contribute for its Design and Desktop client is Already launched by you can also Download iSO App and Android Version as well.

Few Anonymous Groups call out to support in order to take over which seems to keep breaking the violation or Privacy

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